21 September 2011

Knitting: posting again already?

I know, I know, it was only yesterday I blogged. Posted. Wrote to you.

But a lot can happen in one day and one night.

Knitty released their Deep Fall patterns and I'm in lust.

I think I need to explain...

My knitting has changed over the years. Not only in colours and experience, but also in style. While I started with the usual scarves and then turned to bulky sweaters I used to knit a lot of intarsia and ajour with cables. Or just cables.

It then turned simple. Straight plain sweaters. Nothing wrong with plain sweaters, but it seems now that I didn't want to put the effort into my knitting.
It had to do with me gaining weight and always thinking that I don't want to knit an intricate design because, you know, I was going to loose this weight.
Guess what?
I haven't. And I won't ever go down to the weight I was when I was 18 - and I finally accepted that. I have lost some weight and my lifestyle has turned a lot more healthy, but the weight will remain an issue (medically mainly, the medication I take for my missing liver enzyme makes it difficult to loose weight, if I stop taking the medication I will die in the long run. Guess what is more important to me ;-) But with all the swimming and healthy eating I'm feeling better than I have in years. And not having IT-project related stress helps, too).

And when that happened I started looking into more intricate patterns.

Plus size patterns! Intarsia and cables, oh my!

Friendly Grey, while not that intricate is an instant favourite! I love the colours, I love the texture - done deal!

Ogiku, while not a sweater or cardigan it is a gem! The colours and the style of this beret are just amazing and I'm looking forward to spin and card. I have lots of left over merino tops, so I don't need to dye (much).

Memories in lichen is going to be a winter project for me. Isn't that just gorgeous? I have some Fyberspates Sparkly Lace yarn as well as a purple lace yarn and will dye some sockyarn to go with it. A-line designs suit me and my ample bosom very well, so it's a match made in knitter's heaven.

I'm also working on several patterns I plan to release.
A cowl - the one I sneak peeked in the previous post as well as a shawlette you haven't seen yet.
So, here is a preview:

Whole lotta love!

Whole lotta love - Closeup

Yes, cables :-)
Used one skein of Chasing Clouds sock yarn - this one was a happy dyeing accident that I didn't put into the shop. It came out wonderfully, even if I do say so myself.
But pattern writing is a fiddly thing to do, let me tell you that!
I still have more ideas that I need to knit, write up and share...scarves and shawls mainly, I just love to top up my outfits with something hand-knitted on a daily basis.

And now, my little munchkins, I'm off to crochet. For myself. An existing pattern. In commercial yarn. I know, the mere thought of it. But it's my travel project, because I will be travelling for a couple of days and I need to learn the pattern by heart. And then it's London calling!

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