23 October 2011

Crochet: Yes, I do that, too

The weather has been amazing the last couple of days!
Dry, sunny and with a certain chill in the air.
The days get noticably shorter and it's still dark when we get up. And it's twilight when we get home.

But nature is amazing right now! Acorns everywhere, chestnuts and mushrooms. Not of the edible kind, at least not as far as I can tell, but simply due to the moisture under the trees.

I still try to wear my sandals or Birkenstocks and get dew on my toes. I love dew on my toes!

Earlier today the view outside my living room window inspired me.
I had this handspun yarn around for a while and now I knew what I wanted to make:

Pumpkin Patch and headbands

So mundane, yet so wonderful. And useful. For me not right now, this still takes a while (oops, I think I gave away my secret now), so these will hit the shop.
Pumpkin Patch (that's the yarn) is already listed.
Four more creations are currently being washed and will hang to dry in the shimmery autumn evening.

So - yes, I crochet, too. I usually forget about the older brother of knitting, but I used to love crochet. Hats, tops, scarves...and now headbands.
There will be more :-)
Because I have some amazing buttons coming my way! I show you when they arrive!

And now lunch is calling! Later, my lovelies!

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