16 October 2011

Dyeing: Pickled Sheep, Part 2

Remember my first Pickled Sheep experiment?

I wasn't too happy with two of the skeins and had decided to give them another bath in onion skins.
Well, they are currently well under way, but this is what they look now:

When I started:

Natural Dyeing Experiment, Part 2

Just now, about three hours later:

Natural Dyeing Experiment, Part 2

My Mom had seen the previous pictures and liked them very much - I think I might have found my Christmas present for her :-)

Some more dyeing for the shop is currently going on, with one yarn only for the winter season. Something very special! But so beautiful - and it takes dye like a dream!

Things are cooking in my kitchen

Wool-silk-nylon-silver blend, kettle-dyed.
Looks amazing!

And of course - a Doctor Who inspired dye bath:

Dyeing is the only answer

Many more to come!

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