19 May 2008

Call is an obsession

"It's been quite a ride. Heavens, his mother was furious when she found out about them. She hoped college would seperate them and put an end to his foolishness. Little did she know! Letters flew backwards and fowards, not a night passed were they wouldn't call one another. "I still believe in you."
Three years, only three years - then she would have her fashion degree and he would start working in his father's company. She touched the necklace he'd given her, then she looked at the ring.
Little did they know..."

Sometimes I love Polyvore!
Time to cuddle up with the needles and a ball of Arabella yarn, this cardigan can be salvaged, I tell you! It's looking great for being 10 year old, though some stains wouldn't come off. Wait until I'm done with it...

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