29 May 2008

Quick and dirty

Work has been fluorescent hell from the moment I came back from vacation on Monday. Frustration level is high, anger level is getting lower.
Haven't had a single second to knit since Sunday. Worked, worked, cried, didn't sleep - lather, rinse, repeat.
It's been bad, really bad. So bad I told my manager I had enough of the company and its people. I think he was somewhat surprised by my outburst of anger and frustration, but it felt good to get things off my chest.
Having a nice cup of tea now and will cuddle up with cats and knitting in a couple of minutes.

On the positive side: we arranged our summer vacation in September, we will venture to our favourite town across the canal again and stay in Edinburgh for slightly more than a week.
I wonder if I get my crochet hook through customs again...my trusted glitter hook from I Knit London. I will buy yarn locally for the flight back, my project at that time will be securely packed in the suitcase - as usual.
Flight and hotel are booked, it only needs to be September. I'm counting the minutes! Knitting and whiskey, what more can I want?

The last thing I finished Sunday night was a little neckscarf out of Perle 5 yarn, a lovely creation by Sassa Lynne. It's been worn already on Monday to the office.

It's nothing special, a really simple design, but it uses up the complete hank and shows the colours beautifully. I have another two hanks, a greenish and a yellowish one and I will be raiding her shop shortly for a new idea, something layered...
One can't have enough hats and one can't have enough things to wear around the neck.

And now I'm off - though not without my song of the day, or better: the chorus I've been belting out for the past thirty minutes in intervals of about two minutes:

'S tu mo Leannan, Leannan o
'S tu mo Leannan, Leannan o
'S tu mo Leannan, 'S tu mo Leannan
'S tu mo Leannan, Leannan o


NuvoFelt said...

That neckscarf is a great idea. Is it your own pattern?

A pixie named Leanan said...

It is, indeed. Very simple, but I just love the way the beautiful yarn and its vibrant colours come out with this simplistic approach.
My next attempt is going to be a tam/beret design and I'm toying with at least two different ideas, including beads for one of them.
But first I have to collect the different yarns ;-)
I'm also a public transport knitter, the tiny balls of yarn and the 2.5mm needles are perfect for travelling.