25 May 2008

The weekend is almost over :-(

What have I been up to this weekend?

I coloured my hair blue-black. While it is a rather harsh colour on me I like it in combination with the colourful wardrobe I recently started wearing.

Seen Indiana Jones. I liked the movie, it's simply a well-made action flick and I really don't understand the hooha of Russia's yesterday communists. Who might want to study their own history a bit more closely, yet open mindedly.
No spoilers from me, you have to go and see the movie for yourself. I had a good time, a couple of good laughs and even one scream. You go and figure where!

Knitted. Finished another neckscarf out of Sassalynne's Perle cotton, continued Astrid's Evilla hat (she wrote the pattern, but she won't get the hat ;-)) and started the Cinema sweater. Knitting in the dark with black yarn can only been done blindly. My Crystal Skull with blind eyes sweater. Pink and black, yes ma'am!

Decided that our summer vacation will happen in autumn (September)and will be spend in Edinburgh. I discovered a yarn shop there (k1yarns), we discovered that we still haven't seen everything we wanted to and we are lusting for the wonderful smoothies that one shop up at the Castle could make. So even if it rains...Edinburgh it will be.

Found my access card - which means I have no excuse to not show up tomorrow at the office. What a pity :-(

Following the Phoenix Mars Mission. Though I found the news that Jupiter is growing a third eye a lot more interesting. I'm sorry, Mars, but you are dull compared to Saturn and Jupiter. Still, the astronomy-holic in me is curious.

The day is nearing its end for me, I will knit some more, listen to Schandmaul's latest CD, maybe watch some TV and then have a date with Nyx's son Hypnos and the Oneiroi.

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