01 September 2008


Almost on vacation! I have three working days left - I have Wednesday off on Doctor's orders (will be evaluated after the vacation in October) and a team dinner tomorrow night! Not my normal team, but the guys from the emergency unit shutdown three weeks ago. It's going to be fun to meet the faces to the voices that called me out of bed Saturday morning at a quarter to two ;-)
Nothing posh, but I appreciate the gesture a lot.

Before I start daydreaming "with the heart of a Lothian" - I finished my last Knitting in Public Transport project, a cotton neckscarf made out of Sassa Lynne's wonderful dyed yarn. I love the colours, they look great with purple, pink, blue and spice up black and grey as well! Finished it yesterday and wore it today!

Okay - vacation!
We will start off in Edinburgh, with some travel direction Northumberland and up to Glasgow planned. High chance of rainy weather, but nothing Docs and a raincoat can't solve. A concert (Paul McKenna Band) is also planned. Hoping to run into Tim again...
Botanic Gardens! Sheila Fleet! Tea and haggis! Yummy! Really!

We will then come home for a couple of days, do the laundry and get myself to the hairdresser (thinking loud and hard of this, though not in blond:

before taking the train (yes, train) to Brussels, then to London. The thought of the tunnel makes me quiver, but the thought of flying again makes me sick. I can swim better than I can fly and flying scares me. Well, as long as it doesn't take off, land or flies a curve I'm fine. Cute and cuddly, lads, cute and cuddly!

Edinburgh is by plane...but the next time I will take the train from London to Scotland - it might take longer and be more expensive, but the view of the landscape and the comfort are worth it! I love train rides! I could tell stories...of the journey to Greece (three days in the train), the two lovely ladies we met on the way to Bray, Ireland, the various rides to destinations in Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands...

London - Forbidden Planet is calling and the last time we were there we discovered Neal's yard and a bead shop somewhere there. Oh, Edinburgh has a nice one, too. And so does Haddington.

Will visit K1yarns in Edinburgh and hopefully I Knit in London. The goal is to only buy very special yarn, something I can't get around here or not as easily. Tili Tomas is high on my wishlist and something handspun/dyed. Which will be turned into neckwear or headwear. And knitting magazines!

Forbidden Planet in London and Coda (great Folk CD shop - I LOVE folk, especially anything Celtic (and no, not the Dubliners, thankyouverymuch) and British. Think Oysterband, Dervish, Omnia, Faun, Cecile Corbel, Shooglenifty...) in Edinburgh are dangerous locations for wallet and credit card, should I have any savings left I'm going to get myself a Couture Bubble Wrap (oh yes) and maybe some earrings. Something big and dangling...in silver...oh yes.

What is the worst place a knitter can cut herself?
Top of her right index finger...blimey, I'm knitting lace on 2.5mm needles and keep poking this one spot. Tried switching projects - knitting tweed lace on 4.0mm needles. And yes, bingo, found the spot again. Argh!

Tea time! Time to wind down, scrub face and teeth, cuddle the cats and pester the husband! In exactly that order!


marion said...

Fab scarf. I'm a Sassa fan too! Have a great time in Embra, especially the haggis...whenever we're there, we find a good butcher and stock up on it.

On a Whimsey said...

Your scarf looks great especially having used Sassa's yarn. Her yarns are beautiful!!

Have a wonderful time on your forthcoming trip... you will LOVE the tunnel under the English Channel - so easy and smooth especially when the sea is rough:)

Brett Ward said...

Sassy's yarns are very beautiful! The scarf looks great especially with your specks!
Have a great time!

Myfanwy said...

Have a wonderful time in Edinburgh, it's a beautiful city. I love your scarf. You have made such beautiful things with my yarns, thankyou.

ZudaGay said...

Gorgeous scarf! Have a wonderful trip!!!