03 October 2008

I have a cold!

And I don't appreciate it at all.
Scrunching our database again at the office. I work two days operational - means: in my normal desk job as product/inventory scheduler for a (petro-)chemical company, currently don't work Wednesdays (doctor's order) and the last two days I work on a VAT related database project. Since February - and it's 33% done. You do the math.
It's frustrating at times, but I enjoy the peaceful office I have and managing myself.
And I love databases and especially showing their weaknesses.
This project is especially frustrating due to lack of leadership. There is no project lead and this makes reporting issues and getting alignment an interesting endeavour.

We had some unsettling news regarding possible layoffs, but so far I'm not worried. It's nothing I can prevent from happening. And as far as I know I'm still needed.

My operational desk is in a big room, which somehow is always cold. I'm sitting next to a window-wall, floor to ceiling glass to the outside world. Combine that with the airco and about 20 people having different opinions on what a good working climate is and you get one very cold me.

And somehow this outfit caused quite some hilarity in the office yesterday. Well, at least I was warm. And I didn't wear the tam, only when coming in and later when leaving.

This is Tudora (I love me my neckwarmers, let me tell you), matched with the Hemlock Tam (upper part is a doily), teamed up with a purple (what else) shirt and grey cardigan (hooray for cardigans, need to knit one and then some), black jeans (not visible). Completed with Plumevine's earrings and a Scottie Tea Spoon.

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