25 October 2008

I'm a proud Mommy

Today I ventured to the first Craft Fair here, which was held instad of my beloved Stitch'n'Bitch.
It was overwhelming.
Seriously overkill, especially on the quilting side.

It took me a while to find the knitting places and especially the two I was looking for specifically.
The first one was Astrid's Dutch Obsession, my favourite place to shop for yarn online in the Netherlands. I couldn't resist two balls of Kauni Lace and I briefly met a very busy Astrid, wearing a wonderful shawl herself.

My next stop was Storm op Zolder, where I got what I came for - a drop spindle beginner set. I wanted to learn to spin for such a long time and so I got the set and even booked a workshop. Since I was the only one I got a private lesson.
And I'm hooked. I'm still producing thick'n'thin yarn, it's nothing to write home about, but I'm one proud Mommy of my first nest of handspun yarn. Why did it take me so long?

I dressed up in my beloved shawl and a neckwarmer made out of Safari (I got it from I Knit London at the first SnB in here a couple of years ago) and surprisingly, at least to me, the shawl got plenty of attention and compliments.

I hadn't expected that, since it's an absolutely unspectacular design and not fancy at all.
A nice story: when I got my first (and only) coffee I stopped in my tracks staring at a woman staring back at me.
She had caught my eye because she was completely dressed in blue and turquoise, with matching glasses. And it were the glasses that made me stop - I knew that designer. She looked at me and said: "I love your glasses. They are two colours, aren't they?" I showed them to her and yes, we were loving the same designer - Theo. Her friend also joined, completely in red - with red Theo glasses...It was too funny and a couple of people might have thought we were insane, laughing and chatting about our glasses and that we dressed to match.

I also got two balls of pink yarn to knit my friend in Canada a scarf from. It's going to be her first winter in Edmonton and I'm not sure she knows what she will be up to in a couple of weeks.

And now? I will go back and spin some more! I have no idea yet what the yarn will become, that will be determined later, but spinning makes me happy! It takes ages with a drop spindle, but it is SO relaxing!
I even spun in the train back home!

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