27 September 2008

Because I'm a sister...

It's my little sister's birthday in about two weeks. Little means two years younger, but taller than me. We look totally different - she has dark long hair, something she got from our Mom. I have my Dad's eyes and hair, though have a striking resemblance with my Mom.

We live in different countries and don't see each other very much. But when we do it's usually fun.
We can fight like dogs, though.
We both have wonderful husbands, who get along as well.
I have totally weird parents and grew up all over the place, but at the end of the day I love my family for what they are. None of us is easy to live with, we are quite some characters, but one thing is for sure: we stick together when times get rough!

My sister...I won't see her on her birthday, but the weekend after. The whole family will gather at her place. For us, it's going to be at least a 4 hours journey after work on Friday evening, with a noon departure on Sunday.

I'm buying presents now. I got her a Halloween candle in Edinburgh - she likes decorating for the seasons.
To go with that I got her a pendant, made by Oliviamoon

I'm the more frilly person - you know, lace, artsy, beads...
she is a more down to earth, no nonsense person.
She is also going to get this from me, made by LTCreatesJewelry:

I think it's going to suit her style very well.

The present will also include her and her husband's favourite snack from here, an audiobook for her to fall asleep to and who knows what else I can come up with.
Oh, yes, some gardening stuff - she will be moving and getting a little garden. Tulips! Garden gloves! Yes! A present in a bucket!

Since I was raiding Etsy again I got myself this:

High Tea Spoon by yipestoo
Yep, that's what Scotland does to you ;-) It will go perfectly with my "Scottish" perfumes I got from all over the place. Like Glasgow from BPAL, Stormy Nights from You Stink Soap and some others. I love me my perfume oils...

Oh, and it demonstrates very nicely the difference between my sister and me, don't you think? Though I would wear this pendant myself as well and have similar items. But my heart is playfully creative.

Some mineral eyeshadow in purple and pink leather from sassygraceboutique and again more lovely yarn from Sassa Lynne. All for my shawl, a long work in progress and perfect for travelling by train.

Currently knitting a cropped sweater out of Debbie Bliss Soho in purple-grey yarn. Waiting for more to arrive and being made into a long vest. Need to get some matching ribbon yarn somewhere, but that has time. After this vest Versatility will be cast on.

Time to crawl between the sheets and surround myself with cats. Tomorrow is the last day off, Monday will find me (grumpily) in the office again. And that is something I still don't look forward to, though I do feel better after three weeks of vacation. A burnout doesn't go away over night and it's babysteps I take, but I feel the progress. But without help this journey would be impossible and I'm glad I'm getting the support I need to find myself and my mojo back.

And off we go....

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