06 November 2008


First worknews:
down to three days work, two days off for at least the month of November.
Not exactly what my manager had hoped for, but it might get worse for him.
Had some not so nice conversations with him, accusing him on drive by management. Instead of asking why I think this he went into defense right away, and I would be the only one saying that. That tells me enough, thank you very much. I rest my case...for the moment.

Relaxing isn't easy for me, though I try and follow all advises from my therapist. Talking walks, disconnecting all phones (which limits me, but keeps me save at the same time), listening to audiobooks and sleeping. It takes me 1.5 days out of the two I'm off to get to a calm state of mind - which then gets destroyed as soon as I go into work. Therefore considering to stop completely, before this burn out turns into burn out with depression.

I find peace in knitting, though not big projects. I need instant gratification, sort of.

Pudorose neckwarmer and a crocheted headband, both out of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn.
I still have plenty left, so I've started a skinny feather-and-fan scarf. I wonder if Noro has some more antique colours, creamy, gray, dusty... Or any other sock yarn, they mostly come in rather bold colours or are self-pattering.

I re-coloured my hair in the meantime. As in: two hours ago. The roots of all evil, goodness gracious!

I'm an avid reader of the Designers Block and one posting caught my crafty eye:
Strumpet and Pink take unmentionables to a completely new level. I'm especially in love with these two, practical or not:

My inner Scot is particularly happy to have stumbled across this designer called Anta
I'm especially smitten by the fashion, oh, and that throw Cairngorm - just my colours...
Next time I'm in Edinburgh I will go and spend some money there.

Talking about reading, my dear husband brought me The Graveyard Book by my favourite author (one of them at least) Neil Gaiman and I'm going to start it soon. It's a children's book, but if you are familiar with Mr Gaiman you know that you can enjoy his works, regardless of age. I understand that Coraline is being made into an animated movie and I hope it's going to be shown here.

And I have to get this pattern: Spindrift Capelet

Now I will return to my skinny scarf, some Loreena McKennitt and a mug of herbal tea. It's a surprise tea - I bought it on a medieaval fair and have forgotten about it. So I have no clue what I'm drinking, but it's nice and soothing.

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