11 January 2009

Accessorize your hobbies

This idea is blatantly stolen from Sassa's Etsy Treasury Blog, a wonderful source of treasures as well as one of my favourite Etsy sellers.

I ordered a wonderful chunky cotton in rusty burnt orange from her

to match it with this:

from SpindleFrog

Okay, but now it's time to accessorize my hobbies:

Writing! I wouldn't know where I'd be without my fountain pens and diaries.
You mean, what about online blogs?
A wonderful evolution, but I adore calligraphy and ink and the old fashioned style of writing, with a cup of hot brew next to me. I'm sorry, that's something electrons can't offer.

Journal Entries - Pendant Featuring Fountain Pen Nib, Hammered Colored Copper and Raw Brass Patina'd Chain

NECKLACE - Leather bound DIARY JOURNAL French inspired WITH BEAR TOY

This one is obvious and very fibre related. Knitting or crochet (and soon broomstick lace, I got a lace fork or however you call this thing):

stash earrings

Reading has been a hobby of mine ever since I discovered letters. That was about the same time I discovered writing. Kindergarten - curious little me taught herself to read and write before school. But to the very day 1 and 1 is 11 for me and not 2. At least - not necessarily.

Miniature hardbound book, 1700s France

Music. I again started at the very age of unborn to listen to music. My Mom always used to go to the church across the road when the organist would practize and I picked up my love of J.S.Bach already at the tiny size of a couple of centrimeters. The taller I grew the more music I liked and I'm still discovering stuff...

Music Between Classes - Serial Spoon

Another favourite past time of mine is coffee. Having coffee (or tea in case of mood striking) and reading a book...heaven for me. I also have a fable for hand-made soap (no more mass production soap for me, so far the only resolution stuck to I ever made).
I adore Latte and I love my Mocha Latte and my Caramel Latte equally. I can't stand Vanilla, though.

Caramel Macchiato

My husband is a chocolate fan of the first hour and I got him chocolate soap ;-) I just need to remind him not to nibble that stuff. And he smells divine! Sorry, he's mine, but you might borrow the soap.

I could go on for hours...the cats are not included yet and neither is cooking, spinning, dancing, history, mediaeval especially, witches, folklore...

Unfortunately, not all sellers ship to Europe :-(
But then again - probably better for my account ;-)

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