16 January 2009

And it's not even spring yet...

A lot of new things. And I managed to get them all summed up into one picture:

New hair, new glasses

New hair! I went to my favourite and trusted hairdresser in The Hague on Wednesday and went away with my Mini-Mo freshly trimmed and dyed in the same colours as the last time. What is new is that I now sport an amazing spiral design on my right side, making the pixie in my violently happy. It's just a pity that the hair grows back so soon.
I have - as usual - a little story to go with this haircut: my husband picked me up at the hairdresser and we went to dinner in this amazing place called Java House. Delicious Indonesian food is served and we feasted on Gado Gado and Nasi Rames, plus taking some eggrolls, Risolles and the most delicious new favourite of mine, Terong Balado/Belado with us.
Anyway, we had just left the premises when a gentleman biked past us, heavily laden with grocery bags. He saw me and started singing a Dutch song, translated it would say "Girls with red hair - they can kiss!" Dutch people will recognize this song as Meisjes met rode haren. He turned around once and that's when he almost fell offf his bike - he spotted the spirals ;-) I bowed into his direction with a deep bow - hey, I know how to take a compliment :-)

The wonderful spirals

New glasses! I'm officially old now ;-)
These are my brand new reading glasses....not only for reading The Graveyard Book, but also for sitting in front of the PC or knitting or crocheting a stitch or two. I have trouble focusing with my normal glasses, yet it's not quite time for serious bifocals yet. They are the same strength as my normal glasses, but with extra support for desk work. I can tell the difference...

New shirt!
I saw this shirt a couple of weeks ago when strolling around with my husband. We both liked it, but it wasn't available in my size. Since the place I spotted it is a SALE shop, selling leftovers and last season stuff from their regular chain (again, the Dutch will know Miss Etam Restanten) I wasn't too hopeful it might appear in my size. It did! Since Monday it's mine.

And it isn't even spring yet....

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