09 January 2009

Let me tell you how I love you...

Alba by Pixie Redhead

Can you guess where I'm going to spend two wonderful weeks in August? It's not very obvious, but at least the country should be guessable ;-)

And when you guessed it I will also tell you that I managed to get tickets to an event my husband has been dreaming of going to for years. It's at the same time of another event that I always wanted to go to. I would wear something like this - I'm planning of at least make some mustard coloured armwarmers and a nice headband for some warmth. My husband't dream event is in the evening, starting at 9pm and though in August, given the geographical location the weather is not predictable.

All this in spite of the thundercloud over my professional head. I have wellies and I'm not afraid to use them! Hell, I live in the low lands of rain and wind, I can make it through another downpour. And if it gets really bad I might consider getting myself a red rubber boat and a ducky to keep me company.


Myfanwy said...

Aha! Alba, I know it well. Will you be on the east coast again.....?
It's a good Festival too!

A Pixie named Leanan said...

Edinburgh, yes! Fringe for me, Book Festival for both of us and I even managed to get two tickets for the Military Tattoo - my husband's dream.

Weather permitting, trips will be taken (by train, under no circumstances I will drive in a country where they all drive on the wrong side of the road and where sheep might cross. Too dangerous for the sheep ;-)).
And the BBC series of Scotland's History didn't help easing the longing.
There is still so much more we want to see in Great Britain. Wales, Cornwall, more of the Border region, Midlands...