08 January 2009

Winter was cold....

2009 started as 2008 ended...interesting, to say the least.
Four hours before midnight I had to read in the press that the company I'm working for might file for Chapter 11 in the US - as of yesterday this is a fact.
Structure is far to be found, it's a wild guessing game at the moment.
A perfect situation for someone trying to come out of a burn-out to return to.
I don't trust anything that is management in the slightest and take everything with a spoonful of - no, not sugar, it's the other white grainy stuff...ah, yes - SALT.
I'm holding on to the bottom of my pants, it's going to be an interesting ride.

I currently work the mornings only and I'm adjusting. I tire easily and concentration is difficult. It got better throughout the week, though I could curl up and hibernate:


Mornings at train stations waiting for the train into town are cold:


Afternoons aren't much warmer, either:




Pictures by me, art by Mother Nature! Gotta love her!

So, to not be all red-nosed and sniffy I knitted my first ever handspun yarn into a superthick Urchin and a superwarm scarflette/cowl thingymabob. I got the wooden buttons I ordered today and finished everything off:

Winter was cold in Bratislava...

And it smells wonderfully sheepy!

I love winter, don't get me wrong! My second favourite season (the late summer, early autumn is my favourite) and this year I'm in for a treat. Usually it's above freezing and raining, this year it's cold, icy, little snow, some fog and sometimes windy. The windy part is where I go and hide - inside a warm coat with knitted goodies to build a fabric igloo around me. At 7:30 am the platform is not only an iceskating ring (well, lane is more fitting), but also somewhat nippy.
At 1:30 pm it's still nippy, but you get to wear sunglasses ;-)

Which hid my oh so 80s outfit today:
I can has glitter
For a glittery experience I suggest the big picture. It's always good to have the big picture, right?!?!

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