02 March 2009

The end of the tunnel

New things - and now it is finally trying to get spring. And with spring new things come!

New job, finally, gratefully! Relieved.
This doesn't mean the company is out of the woods, we are still very much out of a lot of money, but I now have a position I feel appreciated in. Something I love doing. It's going to be a lot of work, first learning new things (but hey, it's spring) and then then applying knowledge.

After two years of misery I'm beginning to see the light. Damn, what a long winter!
For me it's a relief, though I was too tired to celebrate the end of a depressive period and the start of something new on Friday. After I was done at the hair dresser we went out for a nice dinner and then called it a day.

So - new hair. Okay - almost. Still the Elvis, but for the first time ever in my existence I have been sitting at the hair dresser with foils in my hair!

Wet and combed it looks like this:

Kinki 27/02/2009

And ruffled like I usually wear it it looks like this:
Kinki 27/02/2009 - as worn today

The colour is a dark brown, almost black, just not as harsh. I love it. I love how it tones down and balances the Elvis, so I don't expect to have issues with my hair in my new position.

I haven't felt creative lately, though I played with some Fimo.
I'm a nightmare at spinning (too tense, so a drop spindle is more drop than spindle), but I have been doing some mindless knitting and some free forming. The latter is my Ravelry project for the Folklore and Fairy Tales spring-along. The subject we chose was the myth of Blodeuwedd, a Welsh legend about a woman created out of flowers and turned into an owl after a betrayal. I knew this legend before the project was chosen - hey, I do love Celtic legend and lore, so this one is right up my alley. The Welsh have a wonderful collection of story and history...and so has Cornwall. Fascinating.

So, I started to free form crochet an owl, with oak buttons as eyes and a log button as beek. Now I need to crochet plenty of little flowers to adorn the owl's body with. The whole thing will be turned into a pendant and worn. Of course, why would I make it otherwise?

My Ishel is only two pattern repeats away from being finished, yet concentrating on the pattern seems impossible to me. As I said, I'm mindless-knitting at the moment, a shawl made out of leftovers and some handspun. Will look nice with jeans once done.

And that's what I am now...done.
But only for today.

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