22 March 2009


The above title is actually a bit of a conversation between my husband and me.
We spent yesterday in one of the two capitals this country has to offer. More the seat of the government than the official capital - go google it ;-)

So, we strolled here, we strolled there and we strolled to our favourite cosmetic store to stock up on some essentials. Like shaving cream for the barb wire my husband sports instead of a beard. A massage bar for my poor RSI-plagued shoulders. And some more essentials.
Then we went for more essentials: LUNCH! A wonderful Indonesian mixed plate, with the tahoe being my favourite. It's sort of like tofu, which I dislike, but better. Obviously, otherwise I wouldn't like it.

What did we do after lunch? Ah - we strolled down to ABC and raided the shop. We got a discount card after we learnt they are not only for students. Oh, there goes my money...
They are the only store carrying not only a large amount of English books, but also magazines. So the latest Interweave Knits is now in my possession as well as finally, after waiting for ages and being in awe:

OF course I started leafing through the pages on the way back and showing some favourites to Dear Husband. Who was impressed. And asked if I could do something like this.
"Yeah", I said, "but in different colours. You see, they are all rather mute and neutral. I'd like them to be brighter."
"Ah!", he said, "Neo-Victorian."
"No! More Neon-Victorian."

Because, you know, I like things different.

We stocked up on coffee - we support a little coffee shop selling a nice assortment of tea and coffee, including specials like Jamaica Blue Mountain. I might be living in the land down under, the only land really down under, but I haven't been to one of THOSE coffee shops at all. How shocking! How different ;-)

We sat in the sun with coffee and fresh mint tea and talked before we headed back home.

Talking about different - not only am I listening to Bronski Beat (hands up those who still know them. Hands even higher up if you can name one of their other band names. And stand up if you can name the song where the female singer had a lower voice than the male singer), this sort of left me speechless.
Because to me it's beautiful:

And I have no clue who photographed the ice queens, but it's a lovely shot.

by Patrizio di Renzo

Lace - and someone get them a coffee or tea to warm them up.

On the knitting front: finished a neckscarf version of the Josephinentuch today and added tassels to it. Very 80s. Must have come from listening to Bronski Beat.
No picture, maybe tomorrow
Have started a real version of the same pattern out of Fyberspates BFL in the most gorgeous lake colours. It reminds me of pictures I've seen of the well at Holywell, Wales.
I plan to knit nad crochet more shawls and wear them instead of coats and jackets. Do you hear me, weather???

Oh - and if you hear me sneezing - it's hay fever, not a cold. Which is a sign it's spring alright.

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