08 March 2009

A nice and relaxing weekend.
I finished my Ishbel and love her to bits and pieces already! Pictures to come!
The yarn came from Jeni, a sparkle in jummy berries. An absolute dream to knit. I had no problems with pattern or yarn and still have some leftovers. It will become something different...I have an idea.

Now I'm finishing a couple of UFOs - like a shawl, a black and pink sweater, a merino tunic...you get the picture ;-) I have more yarn on the way and have been approached by a colleague (once you change team and meet lots new people things happen) about knitting her a vest. Against payment. We choose the yarn together and it's been ordered, it's not a problem...just the pattern is in Polish. By the end of this my knitting-Polish should be at least advanced beginner. I can't find the pattern online, it was in a Polish version of the magazine Diana, Summer 2008 I think.
And since I just couldn't order her yarn I ordered myself some cotton, in the hopes that summer comes at one point. Or at least even spring.

So I could get out my short sleeved shirts. Wear my knitted tops. Cotton, not wool. Wiggle my toes in sandals, not thick socks. Wear a shawl against the chill - NOT A RAINCOAT. I can't stand the look of that thing anymore, argh!

I wish I could wear something like this:

After a long absence I rediscovered by love for (cotton) scarves. Back in the 80s (go ahead and snicker, that's fine) and 90s they were a constant part of my wardrobe. Like the towel in Hitchhiker's Guide - never leave home without it.
Then came the first real job and somehow all of them disappeared! I had such a lovely purple one, a present from my sister...gone. All of them. And for some strange reason none of the shops carried any. Bandanas yes, the real thin cotton scarves - not a chance in hell and high places.
I started knitting scarves like this:

My Secret Garden

and this:


and this:

Ready for autumn

Then I found the first cotton scarf in a shop...and fell in love all over again.

Some dream of sheep.
I dream of cotton scarves.

Good night :-)

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WyzWmn© said...

I *heart* those boots!

can't get anything like that in Canada...