28 March 2009

I'm a woman coming of age.
Of the age where one needs or already has reading glasses.
You've all seen my "normal" running around all day and be merry glasses, my beloved pair of Theo glasses, but I also wear reading glasses when knitting or typing away at the computer.
That is - if I remember to put them on.
Lately I noticed that my eyesight is getting worse again. I'm far sighted, always been, with some extra twist of having a prism (prism refers to a displacement of the image through the lens, and is used to treat muscular imbalance or other conditions - my depth perception is down the drain...).
This also means that bi-focals are out of the question. And so are lenses.

So - glasses have been my foe and friend since I turned seven. It was discovered in school, I could read best when basicaly moving into the back wall of the class. Every change in weather would turn me into a very sick child with the worst headaches. Glasses fixed this! Still headaches are a tell-tale sign my eyesight is getting worse.

I learned to love glasses!
I always check out designs, I like them unusual.

These are cute, I live the delicate design of the upper frame:

Design Betsey Johnson Eyewear

The hearts won me over!

Design Betsey Johnson Eyewear

I love oval frames. My next one might be something in grey or blue.

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