21 August 2011

Life: I love my family

We live far apart.
There is a border between us, but an easy one as far as borders go.
We don't have a car and neither do my parents, so when we meet it is usually Troll and I taking the train up to them. My sister and her husband live in the same small town, so it's easier we make the 6 hour trip than four of them making their way to us.

So, we talk on the phone.
We email.
We see each other not often enough.
Birthdays are one of the occasions I miss them. We try to be there for my parent's anniversaries - my Dad's is close to Christmas, so that always makes for a nice week off.
My birthday is celebrated in two countries. The phone rings off the hook, because they call and we chat and chat.

But - they send the best parcels and presents.
Friday and Saturday the parcel and the envelop arrived.


I don't know how I managed to not open them immediately.
My husband had hidden his present in a spot I couldn't reach - literally ;-)

We woke up at 5:15 this morning, hungry cats and nature calling.
Tried to go back to sleep, but failed due to sick cat.
So we gave up and got up.
And I got to open my presents!


I feel lots of love for my crazy familytree full of nuts <3 And then there are your friends, who do something like this to you: Geburtstag

I love my circle of crazy friends!

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