20 September 2008

Honey, I'm home!

We are back! London trip is cancelled - due to the fire in the tunnel earlier this month our train is actually cancelled and we are making use of the good weather here and will have a great last week around here. Today was spent getting this grown out and decoloured mop cut back into shape. Actually very little cutting and only a great colour this time.

Edinburgh was great! I miss it already. I miss the tea we got at Elephant House, I miss sitting and knitting in public places.

I wasn't the only one, mind you:

Meet Heather MacMahon! Her accent is barely understandable for us non-Scots ;-)

I bought Rowan yarn in dusty purples and pinks at Jenners and John Lewis and my first Noro and Manos del Uruguay Classica Paris. The Kureon Sock yarn is already being worked into a neckwarmer.

I miss Fabhatrix and Armstrong. This place has to be seen to believe it! I bought two aprons I plan to combine with trousers and blouses and WEAR TO WORK.

We both got hats at Fabhatrix and if I wouldn't have already a crush on him I would so crush on my husband all over again. He looks swell!

I ADORE the wee man brooch I got. I can't remember the artist for the life of me, something with hippie and stitch.

We walked like the proverbial mad men! We went to the Royal Botanic Garden and had a blast with the squirrels!

And look at these flowers!

The best things in life are for free - and so was the admission to the National Museum! As usual I ditched anything popular (I mean - if you have seen one Roman ruin you have seen them all. Sort of.) and was mainly found in Scottish History before the forementioned Romans, gazing at the Pictish stones and then downstairs at findings from around 3000BC - Skara Brae and other neolithic places.

I have plenty more - but my personal favourite is this:

It's not retouched by any means. I love this tree - would you believe it's standing in the gardens by the castle that was Hogwarts?

The best things cannot be retold. The stories we heard. For any strange reason, strange little me attracts elderly folks and we got to hear a lot of stories... from a former sailor, now 77 years old, a 91 year old lady on the quest to buy a trolley and resting on the bench next to me, a blind gentleman on the bus, who wanted to know everything about the land we came from and introduced me to his guide dog...and so many more.
Meeting the artist who made the flower brooch I attached to my felt hat.
Discovering K1.
Seeing the Registration office being dressed up for a movie shot - a scene from sometime in the 30s I'd say by the cars and the bobby, but we had to venture on, so I don't know what movie was shot.

I could have stayed.
I got offered a job. Part time only...but a job.

One day....
And only if I can bring the cats! Pooka totally lost it last night, she was so happy to see us back. Silly and she were fighting over us. They have been thoroughly cuddles, fed and brushed and then cuddled some more.

Is 11pm too late for tea?

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