24 September 2008

Tea and knitting

I should probably rename this blog into something similar, seeing that coffee for me is now a treat and I drink more tea than ever. The coffee around here is appalling and has a certain similarity to tar, so when I can get GOOD coffee I get it, otherwise it's tea.
At the moment it's a blend called Greene Cappucchino and simply delicious. Got it at Castle Fest and it's almost gone now.

We went out to get a new ironing board and some tea strainers (I call them tea strippers, stemming from a misunderstanding at the Elephant House..."Did you just say tea stripper?") and a Turkish cookbook.
With a husband who can't eat meat or fish, peas or any kind of beans (including soja) things are getting interesting in the kitchen. I found this book at our local Turkish fruit and vegetable shop, regularly frequented by us because of the variety and freshness. It has a lot of yummy recipies with and without meat, which often can be ommitted. There is an eggplant dish I'm eyeing...
My husband has a kidney condition, causing his body to get too sour and producing stones. It could also cause gout.
When he got diagnosed the doctors told him that nothing could be done food-wise...yeah, right! A little research and we found lots of information. And it works, his pH is fairly balanced and we can see it tip to the bad side when he eats meat or drinks alcohol in larger quantities and regularly.
And a happy husbands makes a happy me! :-)

The weather has turned into this grey, but not cold autumn weather I don't appreciate. It's a neither-nor weather...spending the afternoons knitting.
I got my first Noro, the Kureon sock yarn whilst in Edinburgh and started a neckwarmer. Honestly, I don't know what the hype about Noro is. The colour combination I got is really nice, but the yarn feels like twine and its thick-thin consistency makes it difficult to work with on smaller needle sizes.
I'm knitting the Pudorosa neckwarmer out of it, the lace part was done on 3,5mm needles, the neck part is done on 2,5mm needles. I like the smaller size better.
I will have plenty of yarn left and consider a matching pair of fingerless gloves. Mrs Beeton seems to fit the bill nicely.

Once done I will start my first ever KAL: Versatility! I adore the pattern, but as usual will adjust it. I'm not a bobbles person, it makes me look even wider than I already am, so off with them!

And this is a picture of three recently knitted items combined:

A purple sweater and a black-silver vest have been teamed up with The Sidhe are having a party (beret), The Sidhe are covering up (shawl) and My secret garden (neckscarf), a brooch made out of a spoon and matching earrings (purchased in Helsinki a couple of years ago and absolutely loved by me). Also wearing my purple leather purse (so seventies and so practical). With this neither-nor weather I prefer a shawl over a coat or jacket and will have to make more. Something tells me that the new office will be rather nippy in winter, I'm sitting right next to a window front, with the heaters at my feet. Combined with an airco system this is going to be interesting. Layering is key, I tell you.

Today's outfit is my interpretation of the movie Ladies in Lavender. We saw this in Edinburgh on TV back in the B&B one night...
A perfect movie to knit to.

And now off to more knitting and tea. Slainte, my friends.

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Myfanwy said...

I love that shawl! A labour of love.