22 September 2008

I am (Queensryche)

It's Monday and I'm having this week off!
We met with the father in law and I presented myself to the world dresses like this:

Shirt: Miss Etam
Skirt: C&A, size 54 (EU)
Trousers: C&A size 54 (EU)
Shoes: not worn, later Birkenstocks size 38
Pendant: Plumevine on Etsy
Bracelet: a scrunchy. Yes, as in hair scrunchy. Makes great accessoire!
Perfume: Rainbow Serpent by Mythos Mixtures
Hair: Kinki Kappers by Kai, a bubbly lovely lady! Little boy meets pixie. Blowdried in 30 seconds flat and some Fudge Fat Hed ruffled through - ready in 5 minutes. Love it to bits and pieces
Weather: cloudy with sunny intervals, chilly in the morning and lovely during the day

And some knitting has been done was well while I was in Edinburgh! I still need to weave in the ends, but I have a lovely and warm shawl, matching The Sidhe are having a Party I made some time ago!

And yes, that's part of our living room.

A lot of change is happening, most of it inside me. I'm happy with certain decisions I made and I'm trying to change my attitude towards certain parts of my life I don't have influence of or can't change. The therapy is showing its first signs of working and I rediscover me and the world. Now I have started to redesign my surroundings and return to parts I missed and won't life without.
Things can be a lot simpler than they seem and than we make them.

And this one sums me up quite accurate:

You Scored as Zoroastrian Pagan

The Zoroastrian Pagan is a rare breed who follows the teachings of Zoroaster, the religious reformer. He believed that there were no gods, and it was naive to put faith in them and give them names. What one should focus on is merely serving one side of the cosmic duality; work on good or light deeds, and the world would become more good or light. Pagans of this variety are rare, but often feel like they get more done without the hassle and clutter of pantheons and gods. They're smart, analytical, and occationally cynical.

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