27 November 2011

Inspiration: Nature and wool

I logged onto Etsy yesterday to find myself included in this lovely treasury.

It's a stunning piece, with or without my Falkland roving. Brigita collected some wonderful and unique items from all over Etsy.

See the felted slippers?
Several years ago I got my Mom a pair just like these in red, I got them from Finland. My parents lived in a place above a huge gate and the floor was constantly cold. She is still wearing them, having replaced the worn out sole with a new one at one point.

Last year we got my Dad a pair. He grumbled. He wasn't sure he liked them or would wear them.

Well, let me tell you that he wears them. And loves them.
His style has a lower instep and different soles,but they are just as warm.
Not that they are still living in that flat - no, they moved and while the new place is warmer it's also in a part of the country where they get a lot more snow and winters are colder ;-)

My Dad appreciates hand-made, don't get me wrong. He loves it when my Mom and I are around, knitting away on some project. He even knows how a drop spindle works and how to operate it ("you roll it over your leg...") I was puzzled! He grew up on a farm as a boy and has quite some knowledge about how things worked in the past. He can cook, he can mend his stuff (though the copper wire to fix his work overalls drove my Mom mad!) and he gives good advice when I have to remove grease from an old spinning wheel.
Just don't let him near your computer...he likes to crash them ;-)

Anyway - I'm eyeing a nice pair of felted slippers for myself. Just not sure which one...

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