26 November 2011

Knitting: Meet my new colleague

I've been rather quiet lately, haven't I?

First of all the weather was depressing for over a week - we woke up to fog, went shopping, swimming, walking in the fog, came home to fog and started the cycle again.
Living close to a huge industrial area and the Port of Rotterdam doesn't make for best air quality and you can't imagine the smell! Fog means no wind and that was obvious.

I love fog, but it even got me slightly down after about 4 days. How can one get inspired when all you see is this gray-ish nothing? You surely don't want mud-beige yarn to knit or crochet with or watery gray batts to spin?

So I went ahead to knit.
Something just for me!
Something I haven't knit before.

Well, before that there was a little frenzy knit-action going on when all over sudden wild knitted animals were needed.

So, Put was created in a matter of hours. About six in total, I think.
The mane took the longest ;-)

Lion didn't sleep tonight

And since today Put has a new friend: Lilly Clouddreamer.
She is my new assistant and mascott.
She still needs clothes.

Mascott Lilly Clouddreamer

Lilly Clouddreamer Lilly Clouddreamer

Lilly Clouddreamer

She has buttons as eyes, a pair of lovely wood buttons, instead of the knitted eyes from the pattern. This is a loving nod towards one of my favourite books (and movies) - Coraline.
She has a blue spiral tattoo on her right arm (a nod to Terry Pratchett and the Nac MacFeegle) and she's got wonderful colourful wild hair. Again a nod towards a favourite character - Delirium, my favourite Endless.

I'm currently going through my stash to find some yarn for a dancing skirt and a nice tank top and shoes for her.

The pattern book by Arne and Carlos is currently only available in Norwegian, not necessary a language I speak, but I managed to understand the pattern quite well! The book itself is a lovely piece of work, many photographs of all sorts of dolls and their wardrobes!
I've seen the cutest creations by other knitters - a skeleton, a witch, a Jack o'Lantern...the variety is endless!

Which colour should I make the skirt....

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