11 November 2011

Spinning: Music Inspired Yarn

Over on Facebook, WoolWench and I are having this little thing going on - we let ourselves get inspired by music and make yarn from that inspiration.

This one is inspired by an old Marillion song - Pseudo Silk Kimono. It was released on their "Misplaced Childhood" album, the very same that features the famous Kayleigh.

Music inspired yarn: Pseudo Silk Kimono

One of the threads that went into the final yarn - sari silk!
And this is the final yarn:

Music inspired yarn: Pseudo Silk Kimono

I had some silk thread over on the bobbin, so I got creative:

Music inspired yarn: leftovers make jewellery

Next I dyed some yarn for my shop and City in Dust and Another Brick in the Wall were born:

Another brick in the wall (5) City in Dust (5)

And right now I'm inspired by Mike Oldfield's song The Lake!

Underwater Love

spinning Underwater Love

It's hand dyed by yours truly with only green and marine, being spun into a single for plying with beads <3

What inspires you?

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