14 November 2011

Spinning: Misty Morning Hop

Good Monday!

This captures perfectly what is going on outside my window:

Marta just found the most beautiful examples of today's colour scheme.

So, today is going to be spend crocheting a shawl, drinking coffee, enjoying a piece or two of this wonderful Norwegian cake I baked yesterday (so simple, so delicious, especially with added slices of apple), cuddle the two kitties and possibly spin some more.

I did already card two batts and listed them. Not to be used in your fireplace - PLEASE!

Dying Embers (4)

I like my Mondays to be mellow. The rest of the week holds some excitement already - fun stuff like swimming and meeting a friend over apple cake, a dentist appointment and finally a concert on Friday evening.
No, not someone you know - John Watts, formerly of Fischer-Z. Youth sentiment, you know ;-)

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