30 November 2011

Life: it's busy :-)

The last couple of days have been busy with dyeing, packing and shipping orders, nursing a sick husband (just a flu, he is feeling a lot better already), working on a school project with my friend's little daughter (she chose spinning as her class project subject) and all the craziness that happens before Christmas.

Today I got mail!

And I just leave you with two pictures and very little words.

Lilly proudly presents

Lilly proudly presents our new flyer and business card.
Design and layout by my fabulous sister <3 When the mailmain...

My Mom crocheted the two little bags. The idea is to fill them with little sweets, nuts or mandarins and hang them into the tree. I'm not sure where this tradition is coming from, but I love it!
They will look very nice with my knitted julekuler :-)

Tonight I raise my glass to my friends and family, near and far!

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