13 December 2008

Dear Diary...

...today I have been mooned.
This little and extremely funny incident happened when my husband and I strolled over the Saturday market downtown.
It was the most beautiful weather, ice cold and sunny, so we cuddled up and ventured out and about.

My outfit of today
I have the tendancy to ignore cliche plus size dressing rules and I love to mix and not quite match. Style is personal, oh yes!

Shoes: Doc Martens
Leggings: M&S Rotterdam
Skirt: Miss Etam - totally last season, remixed
Purple Shirt: Miss Etam
Stretchy Crossover Cardigan: Miss Etam - totally last season
Scarf: Noro Sock Yarn, made by me
Scottie Spoon Pendant: yipestoo.etsy.com

When we passed a booth I heard "Happy new hair" from behind me and turned round to face the gentleman (well, slightly questionable). We got into a little friendly discussion about unique people and somehow the lady of the next booth in line got involved. I had already turned around to commence my strolling when a bit of commotion broke out. I turned around again, looked at my husband and asked:"What happened?"
"Well, he mooned you?"
"Mooned me?" I started laughing.
The gentleman, not needing any further encouragement, said "wanna see it again?", turned around and mooned me again. This time for me to see. I laughed even harder, but we refused his kind offer to show us the other side as well. Though on second thoughts, with the cold nothing would have been visible anyway. I laughed for a little while longer.
Things like this don't shock me. Ask the guy in Central Park New York, who jumped out of the bushes next to me, opened up is trenchcoat to reveal his birthday suit, white socks and black shoes. I spontaneously burst into really loud laughter and I think this was not the effect he had hoped for. I'm sorry, but it was so cliche...

The market downtown is an eccentric mix of everything. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, cheese, spices, new mobile phone stuff, socks and underwear, bedding, bikes and accessoires, esoterics...you name it, it's probably there. Antiques and would be antiques.

Childhood memories - for both my husband and me.
Blaak Market find

I'd love to have this sewing cabinet.
And a lot of more stuff I saw...a dressoir for example...
A girl can always dream.

We got an old book about Dwarfs, some bread and mandarines. At the outer ends of the market the kilo was 1.50 Euro, in the middle 0.095cents to 1 Euro per kilo.

We had great fun! Around 2pm we made our way back to the Metro Station to get into the shopping district. Dear husband, who is slightly the little frost bite, needed some warm attire for the office, to wear over his shirts. We were successful and I have to say - very handsome, that guy. Too bad I'm already married ;-)

A rather late lunch was had at our favourite hole in the wall - best Saoto soup in the world!

The sun was already setting when we went back home. The wind got really chilly and I started to get tired.

We stopped for a cappuchino in the mall across the street from us - we wanted a little pick-me-up.
Happy Husband!

Wouter gave me his cap for some protection and wore his hood (he had his favourite red hoodie on). We left the mall, crossed the street and were home!
Greeted by slightly hungry cats, who are now happy and fed and cuddled up somewhere.
I have a hot cup of 15 minutes Peppermint&Liquorice tea right next to me and type this entry.

I still need to show you my memory wall, but that's for a new post. This one long enough already.

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