22 December 2008

Pixie goes Punk

Pixie goes Punk and loves it.
Family will probably get one or the other heart attack!

Spontaneous idea while strolling through downtown The Hague. We just came out of the American Book Center and were actually planning to make our way homewards when I discovered a branch of my favourite hair dresser. New place, only in public service for almost three months. And Stephanie, returning the hammer she borrowed from the neighbours invited me in...

Result: obvious.
Obviously very much in love with this punk design. The back is asymmetric, with the mohawk part not straight down, but to the side, ending in a point on the lower left.
Three colours (magenta, blue black and a dark red)- and big big kudos to Stephanie, her idea, design and handiwork!


It's amazing how different I look.

All in all a great day!
Well, apart from the fact that some idiot from the building next door shot fireworks at me, hitting the ground barely two meters from my feet. Who needs sport when you can get your heartbeat up to 200bpm while taking one step? Needless to say - police report filed. I have absolutely no tolerance for this kind of bullshit! Especially not since certain buildings are known for their yearly mayhem. The agent lady I reported this to only got the address and her reply was "Oh, it's the apartment block." Yep, we know where the yearly chaos and destruction originates.

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designs by bonzie said...

Pixie, that new do kicks ass, its awesome. :)

Really unique, I love it! Love the color contrast.

Glad you didn't get hurt in that firework shananigan, that sounded scary. x