27 December 2008

Peaceful days, family and knitting

Christmas was nice and quietly spent with family back home.
We arrived noonish on the 24th and my sister and her husband arrived on the 25th.
Our family tradition is warm potatoe salad on the 24th, with a roast and veggies on the 25th. Other than this it's really a family get together, chatting, relaxing and having a good time. Despite other expectations no comments from my parents on the mini-mo, my sister loved it and would like me to grow a tail in the back and maybe a lock at the front. She said she prefers it over "simply short" and that it's "getting better and better". Yay!

In the train, having fun with knitting a scarf:


All of us:


My sweater project on the table grew quite a bit. It's again one of those UFOs, and will become a FO! I'm determined!



While I according to my sister don't need a basic knitting guide she felt (and rightly so) that some basic information always in reach isn't a bad thing. I already fell in love with a pattern I HAVE to try.

Sunset 25.12.


It got significantly colder during the Christmas days and today it's freezing even during daytime. Which causes solid wet dreams with our Frisian citizens.

We are avoiding the shopping frenzy most likely going on today, we have already prepared for a quiet weekend with a veggie soup and rice today and some spinach tomorrow.

Today will be spend with some laundry and cleaning, some knitting, some pattern admiration and lots of coffee.

Talking about pattern admiration:
This is great! A knitted guitar.
I came across this while looking for the stackable cats pattern .

Another find:
This blog, though in Turkish is quite a find, let me tell you that. Some treasures to be found, and lots of inspiration, even if you don't understand the language.

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