04 December 2008

Dead and alive electronics and wet cotton

I spent a couple of days with my family...
My Dad was released from hospital last Saturday, he is now the more or less proud owner of a brand new ICD. His diet has to change and he should stop smoking. But honestly - how big are the chances that someone smoking for about 50 years will stop? As much as I would love to see all my family members stopping (I am the only non-smoker) I simply know that this is not going to happen.
What exactly causes the heart problem ten days ago is still a riddle to all involved.
I hope the ICD doesn't have to do its job for a long time and that my parents will continue to make changes and improvements in their lives.

While I was gone no progress was made on Bubble Hue (I crocheted a hat for the husband while gone and worked on my merino tunic instead), so I finished it yesterday!
Wore it out today - not a good idea! Simply because it was snowing and raining and we all know how heavy cotton gets when it's getting wet. Bubble Hue is now drying and so is my coat ;-)

It's extremely difficult to capture the true colours of this multi dimensional life form :-)

And yes, I'm wearing a necklace in my hair. Why not?
While getting dressed I played with several necklaces and put one on my head, more to "store" it for a moment rather than anything else. It was a different one, shorter than this little beauty, but sparked the idea.
The length is perfect and I have matching earrings!
I like the idea and will dive into it in the next couple of days. Now I know the lenght and can start playing. Perfect for Christmas parties and likely to spark lots of comments. It seems that us short haired pixies are not allowed to play with accessoires, that's only for the long haired beauties! Ha! Nothing like this! Humbug! It's only a limitation in the mind of such nay-sayers. Why should I limit myself to glitterspray and hairgels to style my short tresses!
And personally I'm used to stupid comments regarding my looks, so it's water and the back of a duck.

During my absense a lot of Etsy mail arrived! This calls for a groupshot - once my camera decides if it wants to work or not. It somewhat gave up its electronic ghost after the shots today and might have gone to the place of all dead electronics :-(

It's cold and snowy and windy...tea time, I think!

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