06 December 2008

The world needs more glitter!

One thing I actually like about this whole Christmas commerce is the selection of make up! I braved the Dutch last minute shopping crowd yesterday (HORROR) and went out to get some picture frames. While at the store I also found some great metallic eyeshadow and eyeliner in the most vibrant turquoise! Think Ziggy Stardust Life on Mars.
Add some glitter hairspray (barely visible in picture) and glitter lipgloss over lipliner and ready we are!
This is the time of year where I get my glitter make up for next year! Call me crazy, but I love my glitter! And I'm not afraid to wear it.


And yes, there is even glitter on my sweater. One of the reasons I got it ;-)

I'm not per se a glitter rock kind of girl, though I do appreciate an old Bowie or T. Rex. I'm more a prog-rock, heavy metal, folk music sort of flapper-hippie, but I do get my inspirations from everywhere.
Ziggy Stardust is legendary and I wish I could have seen one of the concerts.
I also wish I could have seen the old Led Zeppelin playing live. Same for The Doors and Janis Joplin.
I love some newer artists as well - Tori Amos is one of my inspirations and so is Amanda Palmer. Thanks to Bonzie I discovered Imogen Heap, which led to Unwoman. Emilie Autumn is quite nice as well.
Linkin Park covers my wilder darker side nicely. I like the raw emotions Chester portraits.
Metallica is great for falling asleep (I kid thee not), Depeche Mode and the old Marillion keep me company on the dance floor. Throw in some good old folk - Oysterband, Valravn, Shooglenifty and you have a very happy little pixie.
Just with lots of glitter.

When I was a teenager I didn't have an idol sort of thing. That would have been in the Eighties and posters of Tom Cruise (blech) in Top Gun and the likes adorned my classmates bedroom walls. I had posters of star constellations and some drawings on mine. I didn't day dream of popstars or actors. My taste in music was different from the beginning - well, I started with Abba (still like them) and Chris de Burgh (I still like the old stuff) and from then on it got stranger by the year. Suzanne Vega and Latin Quarter, a now defunct and rather political band came up next. Depeche Mode and Eurythmics were the other half of me. Pretty quick I discovered rock (Deep Purple) and my favourite hangout became the best disco in the world - The Getaway! Yes, I was 15 when I first went there, together with my older, but very responsible friends. My parents knew and approved - I made sure they knew my friends and all of them were good ones. Always making sure I got home okay, looking after me...and it never was a bother, to none of us.
Anyway, the first song I ever danced to in a disco was Perfect Stranger - and then there was no stopping me. The Getaway was basically an old barn turned club, in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Three houses and plenty of trees, that's what the whole place consisted of. It doesn't exist anymore, but it set the tone of what kind of atmosphere I prefer for a dancing night out. Later Haus Spilles became my favourite, with music provided by Jethro Tull (Locomotive Breath), Rolling Stones, Doors, Janis and later a more grungy and metallic sound.

Led Zeppelin came in 1988. Best I gained and kept from a relationship.
Tori Amos also came in 1988. I never knew her songs would get so important to me. I sometimes call her my Faerie Godmother. She wrote the lyrics to the stuff that happened to me.

Progrock was always in there, but when discovering Queensryche it got stronger with me. Pink Floyd was listened to daily, though not volunteraly! Thanks Richard ;-) My old and best boss to date liked them and played them all day long - the same CD. Can drive you slightly insane.
The Dutch have a great progrock scene and with that Epica, After Forever and the creations of Arjen Lucassen were discovered.

The latest discovery was actually what I call dark cabaret - Amanda Palmer, Vermillion Lies, Emilie Autumn, Unwoman. A more electronic sound with great appeal to me. I'm still discovering.

But deep down inside me I am and always will be a glittery rock child. Sometimes with flowers, sometimes with leather and lace. Always with glitter. And something knitted. Never without.

And I seriously need to get my roots done! This mess called hair is growing like the proverbial weed! One of the pitfalls when having short hair: after two and a half to three weeks one looks like an exploded pillow! Bad bed hair! Berets and hats to the rescue. Though that usually asks for comments from friendly people around me. And I admit - it gets a bit warm sometimes. Especially when inside.

Creativity is ongoing in this household. I picked up a long neglected piece of left overs knitted into a freeform sweater.
Shaby's scarf is almost finished.
Wouter has a new hat. Marcus, my brother in law will also get one in red and black as per request.
I got myself some novelty yarn (Katia Can Can, talk about glitter again) for some lovely neckwear in jeans blue and burgundy. Two pieces, not one ;-)
I'm waiting for my new wooden drop spindle to start spinning this:


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