30 December 2008

Something old, something not so new...

It's still freezing outside, even during daylight. I love these winters! Unfortunately the decks between the buildings here are as slippery as the proverbial slope, even under normal circumstances. The humidity from the sea leaves a wonderful slick of ice on the wooden planks of the decks...
The grass looks stunning!

Under Ice


Still, we venture out.

Tomorrow it will be for something mundane - broken toilet seat needs replacing. I kid you not, it has taken on a life of its own and some metal pin is broken. No chance to repair it, so replaced it will be. At the same time I will look for nice and small pillows for our bed and a - by preference wooden - storage box to store my inks and other writing devices in. Think ink pots, refills for fountain pens and the likes.

I have finished spinning the ultra pink batts from Feltstudio UK and the beret I made out of it is almost complete.
At the same time I have knit my first ever handspun yarn into a neckwarmer and Ysolda's Urchin - just on 15mm needles for the neckwarmer and 9mm needles for Urchin. It's superdupermega warm and will keep this little mini-mo if mine nice and cozy when standing in the early morning chill on the platform, waiting for my train.
I'm waiting for the buttons to arrive to finish the neckwarmer. Since it's made out of BFL, partly undyed and some other wool in more natural colours I got some real wood buttons - yes, again off Etsy. Either the Loggles or the spalted Oak Wood Buttons, I don't know yet. I'm tending towards the Loggles at the moment.

New spinning fiber is also on the way to me. I find spinning to be therapeutic, even if it's only with a spindle at the moment.

It's funny, ever since I got the mini-mo (best creative un-do since my beloved zig-zag cut back in 2006) I find myself counterbalancing this unusual cut (for a 38 year old in any case) with a certain, unusual oldfashioned way to dress. Think lace, think hats, berets, shawls, scarves... Carefully chosen. Even jeans never looked so good with a nice blouse and scarf to complete it. I'm finding myself looking at knitting patterns I haven't considered so far. Old fashioned, solid, never out of fashion and wonderfully unique. It seems like contradiction, but to me it makes sense. And feels good. I wonder, what my therapist will say when she sees me beginning of January. Well, I feel a lot more alive than I have for most of 2008.

Going out in style

This is a perfect example. A lace hat, crocheted out of Catania Cotton in Creme and long time ago, my Elizabeth Victoria neckpiece, a wonderful coat I got from my Mom (she drowns in it) and the cuff I got from Bonzie. Who sees the "underwear" in winter? Black trousers and a black sweater make up the rest of the outfit. Simple and sophisticated!
And I can tell you one thing: my husband loves it! The last week has been full of compliments :-) Especially yesterday ;-)

Irish Ensemble

Friday I have an appointment to have my eyes checked. I will get a second pair - the frame has to be sent away to get new glasses fitted and I simply cannot exist without my glasses. I always had two pairs, but since getting this frame it's been my sole companion. I've been looking around the optician's store yesterday already and saw only one frame I might consider - think Harry Potter in red. I don't know yet how it looks on my nose, but I will find out. Something tells me I might end up with bi-focals...I have problems focusing clearly especially when looking up from knitting or reading and looking into what I call middle distance (like to see my train approaching the station or the houses across the lawn). Reading or knitting is fine (as far as I can tell), so I wonder what has changed.

And it looks like February will see me here. I haven't been to Zwolle yet, but from what I read it seems to be a rather interesting and lovely place (Woodhenge? A woodhenge was found?). I hope the weather will be fine - but it's two months until then. Rotterdam was so much fun and I would love to get some more fiber and new ideas and chat and have fun with like-minded people.

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