09 July 2008

J'adore la vie!

Today has been a good day!
1.) I'm off for a couple of days
2.) I finally got my prescription sunglasses and I still love the frame. Theo loves me!
3.) I got lots of booty! The mail man left a lot for me, almost like Christmas and birthday...

Let's see, what do we have...
Loop-d-loop pattern book
B never too busy to be beautiful, still wrapped securely
Bonzie in a bag ;-)

Silly cat inspecting the contents of Bonzie's bag - a wonderful cuff in an equally wonderful bag. I love Bonzie!

The complete loot!
Two eye shadows (Blur Pressed Eyeshadow and Busker), two lipcolours (Borscht Lip Cream and Blast Lip Cream), Burlesque Face Powder and Breath of God Atomiser from B never too busy to be beautiful. And two samples! They were wrapped like little chocolates and it was a pleasure unwrapping them.
The pattern book. I haven't even looked into it yet ;-)
Bonzie's Antiquate French Kiss Cuff. I wore it briefly already and I LOVE IT. And if I wouldn't have to prepare supper I would parade a little longer with my hand extended ;-)

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