21 July 2008

Feeling Shakespearian tonight

Autumn in July.
Windy, very wet and grey.
If summer is like this I really wonder what autumn in Scotland is going to be like. I wish I was there already.

I'd love some better weather for the 2nd of August. Castlefest! Omnia! Irfan! Valravn! Poi! Wickerman! Oh well, otherwise it's going to be a sacrifice to Manannán mac Lir rather than to Lugh.

Work was...interesting...to say the least. A couple of interesting comments, arrogance galore. I'm too tired to say anything, but when I say something it's fierce. That is so not me. If I say something I don't take prisoners, I shoot immediately.
And I'm tired to do other people's thinking.

Relaxing with lots of Celtic Folk. Haven't knitted a stitch today, but read a couple of pages. Cuddled the cats. Fed the husband and me.
Contemplating taking over the universe. Yep, that sounds like a plan.

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