06 July 2008

I is in your Etsy...

...raiding your shop :-)
I started on the Sassa Lynne neckpiece I've been collecting yarn for. It's going to be quite an undertaking on 2.5mm needles, but the pattern is simple and the yarn a dream to knit with. Since summer isn't quite happening I decided to not wait for Edinburgh, but to get going. A large, colourful and triangular scarf for my romantic hippie neck.

And so I went to her shop and raided it some more.
I'm really looking forward to rose raspberry colour combination! It won't be part of the scarf, but become its own design.

Then I went on and got me some solid perfume. A girl can never have too much perfume and I mainly use oils and solid perfumes. Three exceptions - Karma, Breath of God and JPG Classique. Other than this my bathroom is full of little vials and pots.
YouStinkSoap offers Kismet, a blend of amber, patchouli, citrus, woods and a hint of lavender seems to be right up my alley, Stormy Nights is the daylight version for me. Blend of hyacinth and heather with a hint of lilac and rain. Sound almost Scottish to me.

Another serious favourite on Etsy is The Midsummer Muse
I love Londonberry and her Charity Cats, especially the French one.

And then I discovered a piece by an artist I've been admiring for a while! Bonzie is amazing and I fell in love with her Antiquate French Kiss Cuff. And now it is mine :-)

I also bought a present for the husband and lots of handmade soap.

Yes, I love Etsy and I love small artists! I have only the best experience with all of them and get to wear unique art. The compliments I receive should go to them!

And now it's shower time and then cuddle up with the husband and whoever wants to join!

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