10 July 2008

Travelling in my mind

I still find it hard to relax, my mind wonders into the office far too often for my liking.
Music is a good distraction, or listening to the audiobook of Eragon, working on my deskproject. I'm almost through the first hank of Sassa Lynne's cotton (pink is the main colour) and wound the second hank (a sun colour) into a ball. I will be travelling tomorrow and won't be back before Sunday, my travel project is the black and pink sweater that's accompanying me everywhere (hey, I knit in public and in public transport).
Journal and book are packed, the fountain pens filled, water bottle and some nuts packed. The suitcase will be packed later tonight, we don't need much, but we bring lots of presents :-) Looking forward to see the sister and her husband, my parents are coming as well on Saturday and we all leave on Sunday.
The weather is rainy with dry intervals and I hope it gets better. Dixieland awaits on Saturday evening. And Polkaholixs tomorrow evening!

I couldn't be more happy with my latest loot! The make-up is just gorgeous. And that from a person who - until maybe a year or two ago - wouldn't touch that stuff! I don't' wear much, just flamboyant colours ;-)

And the antiquated cuff is a piece of art! Bonzie, I seriously love you!

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designs by bonzie said...

this is so awesome for me to see a piece on its owner! you def own that cuff. It looks wonderful on you .