01 July 2008



I totally forgot about it, but today is my 5th anniversary at the company I'm working at.
Unfortunately my manager didn't forget and I was presented with a bouquet this morning in front of the complete department.
While I appreciate the gesture I could have done without the official announcement. Worst time ever to pick. I'm fighting against a damned burnout and all that comes with it, the months of insomnia, the stomach ache, the headache, the frustration, the anger, the tears and did I mention frustration?

Thanks for the flowers - but it doesn't make the situation any better.
I never thought I would feel so bitter about one rather nice and lovely smelling bouquet of flowers. And it's not the fault of the flowers, so I took them home, suppressing the urge to toss them.


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NuvoFelt said...

You have lots going on in your life. Things will get better. Sometimes we just have to find our own way through them.