20 July 2008

Knitting and hair

Kilcarra Aran Tweed meets royalty. Mix it with a funky purple sweater and wild glasses and voila. It's very warm ;-)
I bought this yarn ages ago at a wool shop in Bray, Ireland.
Since then it has been pretty much sitting there, part were knitted into my Celtic Ensemble.
And then inspiration hit: Tudora! The pattern was written for this yarn, it’s easy to follow and it took a couple of hours to knit this ruff.
I skipped the button band (for the time being) and consider closing it with a brooch, making it more Elizabethan.

It's getting a matching hat - Just Like A Peasant Cap, made out of the same yarn. Ireland meets England and both are having a nice cup of tea. Will take both with me to Scotland later this year. We don't have much of a summer yet (very wet) and if autumn is anything like this summer it might get a little chilly and a little more wet.

Oh - and new hair! Thanks Kinki, it was again a wonderful and relaxing experience. Melissa wielded shears and clipper and a lovely lady, who's name I don't know is responsible for this wonderful colour and an interesting conversation! I feel human again!

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