26 November 2008

BBEST, episode 2

My Dad's surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, he will actually get an ICD, a defibrillator. Pace makers are to make your heart beat faster, defibrillators can do that and can also get the heart back to beating slower or in rhythm again.
He was moved to a different room and was sitting in a chair, watching TV. He is already making jokes and complained that they took his glasses when they went in with a heart catheter. He wanted to see more :-)

But now: surprise number two arrived today and was dutifully delivered by a loving husband (because the mailman was even later than I was today!):

This envelope doesn't give away anything, does it?

It revealed a lovely card, which will actually be framed as well ;-)

This ACEO - my first one ever! - is stunning!
Before I opened my mail I had been chatting to my Mom about an old photobook we hope to receive. It once belonged to her grandfather, so my great grandfather. Opa Becker died when my Mom was 14, I never met him, but feel a close connection to him. I think we would have enjoyed each other's company.
So imagine my delight when I saw this beautiful old picture! It will receive a place at my "sentimental wall" (I have to take a picture of it at some point), it's rather interesting.

Instead of tea or coffee a glass of Belgium beer was had :-)


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maryeb said...

What a lovely surprise. Thanks for sharing it.
I hope things go well with your dad.