05 February 2009

Between the present and a ghost

This sentence is spooking around my head for two days now, I have no idea where it comes from. A piece of lyric? I don't know...

Oh well, the cold is better, though still lingering. Laughing and coughing are currently married to each other - not a pretty pair if you ask me.

I find myself in the rather unique situation of (still) having a job, but nothing to do. The company I work for is in severe financial trouble, has files for Chapter 11 in the US, Europe is doing awful as well and currently there is no end in sight. People will be laid off, but who, where and when is still unknown.
So, instead of being bored to death and back I decided to use some of my vacation days (too many anyway) and just do FUN things.

For example creating a new header for my blog. It's a collection of stuff found around me, a lot of favourites.
My Desk
Fyberspates Juicy being knit into an Ishbel, Sassa Lynnes Serendipity patiently waiting, WildFireFibres stitch markers, my dropspindle with Spindlefrog's batt in progress, a necklace I'm working on, a serial spoon pendant from Yipestoo, gorgous wood buttons from WoodenTreasures, granny squares - another ongoing project, some crocheted lace...I love my artistic chaos and mayhem around me.

Another fun thing was to get my Elvis (new name for the hair don't previously known as mini mo) recut and dyed. Slightly more punk, with a wonderful dark green shimmer. Who said it's not easy being green?

Kinki 05/02/2009Kinki 05/02/2009

More fun was had when we bought two new mugs - one with Dottey the Cow for my husband, one with Curly Sheep for the knitter.
We also bought fair trade and biological coffee to fill the mugs with!

And two knitting magazines: Knitting and Knitter's! I'm especially enchanted by the amount of cute plus size patterns in Knitter's.

What else did I do?
Play games with them cats

Pooka and Silly

And had Poppets landing in my succulents (cacti and succulents are - next to carnivorous plants my favourites. Yes, I'm a total romantic, why?)


Cooked a wonderful meal out of mashed potatoes, some meat and plenty of salad - one of my all time favourites.

Searched in vain for a perfume oil that smells like caramel.
Knitted some rows on my Ishbel.
Crocheted some more granny squares.

Did the dishes. Will do laundry now...

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Myfanwy said...

New header and new head! Very colourful and so appropriate. Sorry, can't help with the quote!