08 February 2009

The head, the heart and ice cream

I made this headband a couple of weeks ago, but only wore it today for the first time.
Will wear it to the office tomorrow and piss more people off. Oh well, what else is new...it's not really getting better, certain relationships are no longer based on trust and honesty. I can't go into details, but things are getting ugly! Maybe once this is over, one way or another I can tell what has been going on, until then it's hints and just basic.


And since it's cold and simply blech outside we created a dessert, just for fun. Idea Pixie, realization Troll:


Now I will continue to crochet and have a nice cup of tea.

Oh, just on a more positive note: after seeing a late night/early morning documentary about the underworld of Berlin, Germany (WOW is all I can say!) we have decided to spend our anniversary in May in Berlin. Hotel is already booked - we had planned a week off for a long time already, but not decided on a location yet. So - back to Berlin. I've been there twice, once with the Wall still intact (I have a piece of it) back in November 1989 and once with my boss and a colleague for a lovely weekend in 1995 I think. I remember a flea market, where I got the most crazy balloon cap, I still have it. Haven't worn it in ages.
I wonder if there is some dark cabaret/Weimarer period entertainment to be found. The Museum Island is a want of both of us, Troll loves Egyptian History and I'm just plain curious. We both love history, so we are in the perfect place. And I can show Troll that Germany is a wonderful place and show him more of it.

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