08 February 2009

You don't need to be a pirate or sail the seas...

...to find treasures.
We went for a very short walk earlier today - icy rain made us venture back into the warmth of our home sooner than we had hoped and anticipated, but we made up for it by drinking lots of tea, having aforementioned dessert and generally having a nice time.

I tried my hands (both) at felting. When my friend Marja had her web shop opening the other day I bought ten merino fluffies from her, to try and spin them. She has them for felting and the colours are REALLY bright - and I spun four of them into yarn, used the Troll to help me ply them (here, hold this and twist. I go...I'm now in the living room, you go on...) and I knitted the resulting bulky yarn into a square. Next I crocheted a border out of some purple cotton, made a corset closure (you know, take stringe and poke it through holes crisscrossing while you do it. If you know the official word please enlighten me!) and gave the whole thing a long hot bath. I didn't think a shower would do...
It felted! It really did! It's now drying and I want to wear it to the office tomorrow. Something tells me it will be embellished further, but not today.
So - first felt ever! Okay - first intentional felt ever. Managed to felt by accident before, item shrank to miniature size and had to be discarded. Acrylics DO felt. Or do they rather melt?

And then I went looking for treasures.
And then I found treasures.

Veronica Usova's Etsy is a treasure.
I'm particularly fond of

Knitter Her Tail

this lovely hedgehog pendant

I hung out at Ravelry for a while, uploading some pictures and reading some forums while belting out Dresden Dolls songs. Somehow I ended up here: Owl in the darkness
A lovely singer with a wonderful taste and SHE KNITS! The hat she is wearing is just gorgeous!

I'm a lot less grumpy than earlier today, which is a good thing. I showered and smell yummy (today's perfume is Karma by Lush - I wear something different every day. What are your favourite smells? Inspire me!!!) and have a fresh mug of my favourite green tea next to me. See, I'm not only drinking coffee ;-)
I will now knit a couple of rows of my Ishbel and resist temptation.

P.S. Gave up resistance. I agree with the Borg (scary people, really scary people. Are they people? Anyway - scary!) in this case - futile, just futile.
Discovered more treasure! Will gather more and report back with loot in a couple of days, okay?

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Vita said...

Thank you for this wonderful post!!!

--Victoria Usova