12 February 2009


Well, I love coffee and knitting.
Or coffee and crochet.
I also like a nice tea, mainly green or herbal with either knitting or crochet.
Spinning is a different story, it's more difficult to take a sip when holding a drop spindle, yarn and roving, while fending of a mesmerized cat :-)

I found, long time ago, that Garnstudio, a Swedish design and wool company offers too many projects for a Pixie heart ;-)

Today I went there again, after a long absence.
And oh heavens and below, have I've been hit with wonderfulness:
A wonderful dreamy pink dress

I would probably make it in a different colour combination - dusty heathery purple, blues and pinks, mainly.
Or in Drops terms: main colour Muskat 04, with 34, 36 and either 29 or 39.

Pixie Feet

There are a lot more designs I would love to make - and this time, I will!
I also have a rather large amount of white cotton thread, inherited from a customer of my Mom (she runs a little shop and her elderly customers tend to give her stuff they can't use anymore, like beads and shells and yarn), and I still try to figure out what to do with it. White is so not my colour, but I could try and dye it with tea or coffee and it's definitely something that needs to become something lacy. But what? Maybe Ravelry knows...

One item on my to-do list is a summer hat. You can't really see it, but with a redbeard as father (his hair is dark ash blonde, his beard was copper red and is now the most wonderful silvery white) and a blackbrownie as mother (with pale skin and greenish eyes) I inherited the sensitive skin. I have a couple of freckles during summer I love to bits and pieces, but I even got sunburnt in Dublin, Ireland and London, UK. I mean - LONDON and DUBLIN - who are absolutely famous for extended periods of sunshine, I'm sure. It took me a whopping 10 minutes in Dublin. Oh well - so I need a summer hat, since sunburn is bad and a sunburnt scalp is double bad.
Needs to be foldable, since it needs to be packed. I have a large floppy straw hat, but that is not a piece that travels well unless it sits on my hat. I have one in mind and a second as inspiration.
Galliano anyone?

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