19 February 2009

Upwards and outwards

And again a lot has happened! There is one development I'm particularly happy with, but you will have to wait until beginning of March, first I want to make sure everything is signed, sealed and delivered.

Vita - the eagle has landed. I repeat: the eagle has landed ;-)
Or actually, the hedgehog has rolled up on my doorstep and is currently warming up around my neck. I would take a picture, but my running nose, swollen face and puffy eyes might scare people and children away.
Thank you very very much! Would you believe that he was quicker than the ACEOs? Maybe the flying ship and the balloon had tail wind ;-)

Jeni - the yarn arrived yesterday! Yeehaw! Not that I can even knit a straight row of garter stitch at the moment...but I will, soon.

More happy things: one of my favourite artists, the one and only Tori Amos is releasing a new album in spring or summer!
I'm impatiently waiting for Coraline to be released in spring. Here. Because it's not. Yet.
I'm going to Berlin, Germany, in May with dearest husband to celebrate his birthday, our tenth dating anniversary and our 15th "first met" anniversary.
Now I only need an earful of good concerts!

And the poppets did arrive. They were immediately treated to a plate of Bami with both very hot and some sweet and mild sambal. Now they have full tummies and the floor is littered with little black paper hearts ;-)

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