26 November 2008

BBEST, episode 1

Not all was bleak yesterday! Well, the news that my Dad is doing fine considering the circumstances and while serious, it's currently not life threatening was good news already.

And then my first BBEST surprise arrived!

The envelop has arrived and opened!

An envelop inside the envelop!

Thank you, Judy!!!!

And of course, my ever nosy little cat Silly (name as well as character) had to inspect everything on HIS table.

You have no idea how soft this is!

And already in use today - off to the dentist. All teeth well, next full moon can come ;-)

Thank you very much, Judy! How did you know that my wintercoat is actually blue and temperatures are rather chilly lately?

Instead of tea - coffee with a dash of caramel chocolate powder was had for the party!

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