20 November 2008

There are stars in the sky!

Do I have news for you...
The somewhat secret date was a job interview. I didn't get the job, for one of the most interesting reasons I ever heard: knowledgewise I could have started immediately, but I'm too similar to the people already working there, the manager is afraid that this will cause tension.
My personal opinion goes into a different direction: the manager is only six or seven months with the company, his senior employee 10 years. I already had a weird feeling and an alarm bell during the interview - that person seems to live for the job and would have gotten an equal - new, but with same knowledge level, therefore threatening her position as leader.
Their loss.

Still a lot of anxiety, I'm more calm, but anything out of the ordinary throws me off my feet. Sleep is getting better, but still not uninterrupted. But at least I fall asleep again without rotating for hours. Dreams are of the interesting kind - not nightmares, more absolutely abstract. Stairs have always been one of the main features, and I even meet people in my dreams I know in real life. That doesn't happen very often. I also managed to wake myself up laughing - that was a first. Still very easily reduced to tears. But the rebound is getting easier, shorter. Music helps a lot - Oysterband, Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos, Ayreon (prog rock of the Dutch kind).
Getting better, very slowly, but surely.

Have just finished my latest project - hot off the hook:

A neckwarmer matching my new dress. Also a first - I usually don't make things to match or compliment one specific item in my wardrobe, but this metallic cotton thread almost matches the magenta in the dress and I have some gray sock yarn and beads... Took me a couple of days only, and I like it a lot.

Also on the needle is an almost finished skinny feather and fan scarf out of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn and a scarf for my friend in Canada. The skinny scarf will be finished tomorrow, the Canada scarf in a couple of days. It's my bedside project, for the times I do watch TV (which isn't often).
Two hanks are waiting to be wound into balls and I need to hunt for the matching needles. A 4mm and a 7mm, I reckon. The colours are gorgeous, cold turquoise and magenta, yellow...a wonderful contrast to my usual wardrobe!

But the best thing that happened to me this week is this:

Tada - Winners

I'm still speechless and quite flabbergasted. Somebody is looking out for me! It's amazing, how much little glow worms nature provides in the dark, or how many stars there are, shining brightly and lightening up my sky! The BBEST team cannot imagine how I feel. I'm planning to have my own little party for every surprise that reaches me, I'm amazed by the love and creativity of the world around me. There is a huge thank you in my heart for all of them!

I'm going to crawl under the covers in a moment. The husband and the fluffy critters are all asleep and I'm going to join them.

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