22 November 2008

A light from the shadows shall spring

Weather: see yesterday. Or look outside the window.

Just somewhat colder than yesterday, so warm measures had to be taken when we left to celebrate our friend Miranda's birthday.

I managed two hours of chatter and general party noise before caving in. Now the headache is almost gone again and I'm just tired.
But I wanted to be there and I was, this is what counts.

Before the internet decided to go for a walk I had promised a picture of my most recent WIP yesterday:

Taken with only my desk lamp on. Awful light. Wonderful yarn!

The name - Bubble Hue - is based on the audiobook I was listening to while winding the yarn. The project has grown somewhat in the meantime, I was able to do some more knitting while watching part one of Lord of the Rings on TV last night.
Sigh...I don't know how many times I've seen it, but I still can't get enough. I still discover new things, it still impresses me and I still love Legolas. Yep, the elf. I adore Gimli's braided beard. I laugh about Samwise's wisdom.

Still, knitting a scarf length-wise in size 4mm needles is NOT a good idea. What on earth have I been drinking when I made that decision? Oh, coffee...yes. Plain coffee. That's probably the reason. Coffee. Plain. I try Irish Cream with coffee next time. Might have less stupid ideas. Who knows.
But it's worth it. The yarns,(Sassa Lynne's wonderfully handdyed knitting yarn and at least two of her Medium Cotton Thread creations make a wonderful combination - and they fit my mental image of Hue. And since most people haven't either read or listened to Interworld by Neil Gaimen - Hue is a MDLF, a muddluff - a multi dimensional life form. It appears in the form of a bubble and communicates in colour. And it's most likely a she :-)

I also acquired another Sassa Lynne creation and after watching LOTR last night it will be a foresty scarf, embellished, with lace and cables. An autumn forest, Amon Hen like.

I just wish I could go and take a vacation in Lothlorien. I'm not a Rivendell sort of girl. And no, I don't want to go to New Zealand, thankyouverymuch! Middle Earth will do just fine.

Hmmmm...and I've just been fed an Oreo...

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