12 November 2008

Down memory lane

We don't have a movie tradition, but on Christmas Eve on those years my father couldn't be with us (he was working half a world away and not always would it work out for him to be home for Christmas) we would gather around the radio (yes, oldfashioned), his a small world radio, we at home in the living room and listen to the same program. A program where families would greet their family member sailors, or sailors greeting their family. It was always something like "Mom Miller and the kids would like to greet Dad Miller, mate on vessel , currently in the Pacific Ocean . There were little songs played - and you could just imagine the sailors being crammed around the board radio. I once dated a marine and I know how much these things are appreciated.
And even while my Dad wasn't on a boat, he was far away, and knowing we would do something in common made us feel closer to each other.

Anyway, that was our Christmas tradition for many years. I don't think that it still exists - mobile phones etc. have made it void. And I think it's a shame.

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